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Question 2: In the scene were Dr. Gilen (sorry for mispelling) analyzes Nina under hypnosis and ends up getting almost strangled by her, what is Nina recalling? It just sounded so scary when she said "Tadaima"... her voice changed etc... Who was she that she didn't want to say? She said "I'm not Nina". Dr. Gilen: "Who are you?" and she keeps saying itakunai, etc... who did she find out she was?
Johan. The memories of the twins about which one of them got taken to the Rose Mansion and who stayed in the Three Frogs got confused, IIRC.

so how many of you guys think Johan was human but just turned evil
Turning evil by having a nighmarish childhood (or not turning like Nina did) was more or less the crucial issue of the series, so I really don't think Johan was meant to be taken as being evil from the very start. But he did turn into personification of evil.
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