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Originally Posted by Kylon99 View Post
As far as I understand it's not just Kanon. If you go back and look at the woven stories between EP1-6 you have these character developments:

- Shannon becomes more assertive in her love for George
- Kanon overcomes his negativity and becomes human
- Maria lost Sakutaro but regained him

If each world was like kakera in Higurashi, this kind of character development (especially Shannon's) would be hard to justify. But from the authorial system in Umineko, it's merely the authors developing the characters, especially as they got to know more about them (through research, etc.)

Since you didn't read EP6 yet, this bit of spoiler should shed light on why we're talking about the authorial system ...
Spoiler for EP6:
Ah, all of this is interesting! I have a semi-solid grip on Featherine and her author-tricks from EP6, and while I knew there was character development across kakera I just hadn't "realized" that it applied to more than a single person and was so extensive. This is definitely good food for thought. Thanks

As for now, I must retire to a bit of non-Umineko work. Thanks for all the discussions everyone, and goodnight.
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