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Originally Posted by Kylon99 View Post
Yes, I think it's awesome how the characters can develop despite it being a Groundhog Day type story and that we still have no idea what's going on sometimes. I mean, I had no idea why Shannon and Kanon were dueling, but I could still feel how their story was coming to a close.

And with Sakutarou in EP6, you can already sense that their tale is over; she has Sakutarou back now.

As for Battler... to some this will seem like a crappy answer.... but...

Meta-Battler is on the same level as Featherine. He's a character, possibly the protagonist in the series of novels that Mystery Writer and Hachijou. The story was about him and Beatrice, although Hachijou may be trying to subvert that in EP7 now as stated by her character, Featherine.

What has Detective-Piece-Battler been seeing all this time? Exactly what Sherlock Holmes has been seeing in his stories, a legitimate mystery. The episodes together (and I think as a whole) must still conform to Knox rules and must still be good mysteries.

The difference is though that Battler-Prime and Rokkenjima-Prime... the Ushiromiya-Prime family... and what the REAL events were on that day are not relevant. That stuff is probably lost forever in the two-author's world. Although Mystery Author asks us to find out the truth, I believe that is some kind of deeper understanding of the background situation of the family rather than 'what really happened.'

This doesn't mean that, "Ohhh it's all fake! Let's give up!" There still exists the possibility of discovering the truth through what's presented, even if it's fiction.
This is making me think that the person (the real person not the meta character) who writes episodes 4- 6 is probably a ghost writer since only 3 bottles were found. I guess we could say that means hachijou is the ghost writer I don't know.

Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Who says 1998 actually takes place after Ep3's world?
To say that it's not you'd have to deny Eva exists in 1998 I think because that's the first time anyone returns alive.
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