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Originally Posted by Renall View Post
I didn't mean to imply that, merely "the 1998 that appears in episode 3 (and 4 I guess)" We know that in this world, Eva survived. How she survived may have nothing whatsoever to do with 1986-3. But she survived. That much is kinda hard to deny. Ange morosely suggests that if Eva hadn't survived, the Sumadera family might have killed her as a child. Though Ange is not exactly Little Miss Sunshine and Lollipops when it comes to speculation.
This is exactly my point; If 1998 is the real world, then regarding the real Rokkenjima Event (which we know nothing about), Eva must have survived, putting Ep3 as the closest game to... actually, come to think of it, the only confirmation that Eva actually survived was the Ep3 Tea Party, wasn't it?

What if Eva didn't survive Ep3 at all? What if she only survived in the real world?
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