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Originally Posted by Renall View Post
But Ange must exist, or have existed, in the "real" universe. However, only one Ange has ever been written about that we know of. Is she (Ange-3) the real Ange? Is her world (1998-3) the real world?
Definitely it seems that Ange survived in all the episodes and that most likely means Ange-Prime survived. However... I think there was something in EP6 which said that 'this Ange isn't the same as that (EP3) Ange' or something... so I took that to mean that the Ange that visited Hachijou never lived with Eva? I don't know enough to to say for certain.

It does tend to suggest that Eva surviving might have violated the actual results of the people in Hachijou/Mystery Writer's world. But I'm wondering if that too is irrelevant. People will say, "Hey, that didn't happen!" but even still the author is dropping clues about whatever the truth is.

This is sorta like Dan Brown's story The Da Vinci Code. He suffered from a lot of historical inaccuracies ( but it's not to say the fiction within could not also provide some merit. You would question how good he is as an author though. In the same way, I'd question how good Hachijou is as well...
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