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Hi there... total first-post noob here.

I discovered K-On! recently and found this thread when looking for information about the series. I read through the whole thing checking out all the stuff that's available.

I've never played a card game before, but the Precious Memories cards looked like they might be something I'd like to collect just to have them. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on that? Are they worth having if you don't have anyone to play with? I am looking at things like the art and what's written on the cards.

I am guessing that without anyone to trade with I won't be able to get a full set (unless I want to spend a ton on random packs hoping to get the rare cards I'm missing lol).
Welcome to the AnimeSuki K-ON thread As for the cards, I can't help you there -waits for someone with knowledge to come-
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