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Do you take Movie Critics Seriously?

Like the Video Game Critics as I made last time, do you guys let the movie critics (IMDB, rotten Tomatoes & such) judges some movies that actually determine what you spend your money for movie tickets on?

IF you guys watched some videos from Nostalgia Critic, Linkara @ Spoony from TGWTG, you'll know what it is.

To me I'd like to look for some movies depends on what critic judges. IF that movie sucks like 'The Last Airbender' last time, I feel hopeless. Seriously, I'd really want to watched Tron Legacy so bad but you'll curious because you want to let the critic judge first by looking at their internet review blog, then you watch. IF that movie blows, I feel like it makes me wanna 'avoid this movie' at all cost till you feel hopeless to watch due to their 'Bad Acting' sequences. I mean what is wrong with me these days. This is just plain ridiculous to me.

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