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Not really.

I mean, I might read a few to get a general gist, but movies have a large subjective component to them, so even if something is negatively panned, I might still like it. I might acknowledge the flaws, but insist on liking it just because. And I might dislike something that critics are praising, just because it's not my type of movie.

Thing is, though, I can still like or dislike something while acknowledging the fair points made. For instance, Final Fantasy X I generally like playing through on occasion and Tidus didn't quite annoy me as much as he did other people, but I can see the plot holes Spoony pointed out.

as a non-game example, Tron and Tron:Legacy. I really liked the former, even though some critics might say it's not really a good movie. On the other hand, I really didn't like T:L, because the plot holes and changed setting didn't make me think of Tron at all, didn't really feature Tron, and the story was uninteresting. It was like they were trying too hard to copy something else, and left behind what made the original Tron good to the cult following it had.
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