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Unless Michael Jackson took part in a previous war and became a rallying force of peace for peoples everywhere, it's not the same thing.
I am quite certain Lacus was suspicious, but to what extent? To suddenly connect Meer with the dropping of Junius 7, an act not associated with Dully himself, would have been more than just a stretch. Furthermore, if a mere imposter was enough to connect the hearts and minds of PLANT after the incident, Lacus probably thought there were some positive merit behind it and therefore not worth the suspicion.

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During his first discussion with Meer, Athrun himself made it clear as to Dullindal's intentions behind why he wanted Meer up on that stage, in order to seize hold of Lacus' power to influence the people for his own purposes.
And its quite funny how he failed to inform Lacus & Kira about the existence of Meer until after a few key battles. Nor did he bother informing those closer to him in ZAFT. Hell, when Dully, in a rare occasion of honesty, informed Athrun of his intentions with Meer, warning lights did not go off in Athrun's tofu-of-a-brain, instead, he joined FAITH!

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That is completely open to interpretation. However, as a matter of fact, Athrun did no such thing; and any enjoyment that he may or may not have had wasn't made clear to the viewers as far as I've seen.
The point is Meer's attitude, not Athrun's.

The fact is, Meer was very well into her role, so much that she'd sleep with Athrun in order to appear authentic, which in turn led me to believe that even if Lacus attempted to persuade her early on, it would have accomplished little. Worse, it might have backfired.

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Personally I believe Athrun was simply playing along so as to deduce the truth behind what was going on; and neither his words nor his actions give me enough evidence to suggest otherwise.
After Faith, whatever purpose to deduce the truth seemed lost. He was almost too happy to be in his new position.

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