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Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
I'm still hoping Aikawa is a girl.... hoping.....
You know I don't honestly know what to hope for, be it Aikawa a girl or boy.
I do think I won't mind eitherway, all I really care about is Aikawa X Maki and since we're getting that and almost got it, I don't think I'd care what sex Aikawa is, hell Aikawa could be a alien and I'd probably be fine with it

I guess reading all them gender bending stuff over the years has made more accepting of the whole thing, cause thinking back to my teenage years I would have thought it would be "disgusting" and would probably never have touched this series at all.
Funny thing is I have no idea where or when abouts I started into the whole gender bending deal
But I don't regret it, it can prove to be a good watch or read and provide some of the funniest laughs you find.
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