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I just finished Monster (manga) for the.. I don't even know how many times but I.. I still don't really understand the ending. (Though a part of me hopes it will be answered in Billy Bat but I doubt that)

Spoiler for Monster Ending:

Aahh.. I just had to get that out and this seemed like a good place ^^ (Sorry for the bump btw)

Edit - I noticed there was a lot of confusion in this subforum about Johan's 'Perfect Suicide'. Namely because it was to erase everyone who knew him but he never had any intention of killing Tenma or Nina. There are a lot of other characters who know of and have met Johan but he never kills them as well. Shuvald, Karl, Grimmer, Lunge and a lot of others. We know that the manga-ka isn't afraid to kill anyone so then it wasn't really Johan's intention to kill them. I think.. his perfect suicide was to kill everyone who knew him BEFORE. I'm not sure what the cut-off for that is, but that's the only thing I can come up with. You know, other than Johan forgetting about them (Johan the genius.. forgetting? No way)

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