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There is no incarnation of Gundam I dislike, although I will say that War in The Pocket is easily my least favorite entry and before the flaming arrows come I will explain.

There are parts of this ova I did like and I will start with that: The opening battle of the Cyclops Team, the battles that involved Alex Gundam and Kampfer, the space colony battles both in and out of the colony, nicely fluid animation, some good art to it, and there is no character I disliked. Kind of a bonus that in the middle of the series (either ep 3 or 4) is the use of spying on the feddie base with Bernie and Alfed.

What I did not like? The fact that the best battle was their first and one of the few, it lead me to believe that the ova was going to be full of these types of battles (it's of the military action, why would I not?) and we only ever got two more for the remaining time span. The rest of that time is mostly day to day life talking, which isn't bad for the first episode or two, but later on it kind of tears away at the engagement. I have seen anime series that do this too, but it was over the span of more episodes, which WitP did not have. While I didn't dislike any of the characters there was nobody I cared for either or even found noteworthy outside of Alfred liking war and screaming "BERNIE" all the time in the last ep. Short length kind of killed it. The BIG complaint? The reason Age isn't lower? Music. Yes, I really did not enjoy either opening theme and none of the background music was noteworthy.

*slowly backs out*
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