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Well, it was never hidden that the main intention of 0080 IS the characters and their development more so than a bunch of Mobile Suit battles. It really shines more of a light that reveals much of a gray area that isn't really explored all THAT often or deeply in Gundam, even in the UC-era. Besides 0080, the only other to really explore it more was The 08th MS Team in showing that there truly is no clear cut "good guy" or "bad guy", especially in times of war. There are many good people as well as corrupt people on both sides.

Yeah, other series' do show that each side has some good and bad people, but in the end, it really comes down to there being much of an "obvious" good guy and bad guy for people to root for while those few others are really more one-time sympathy characters who tend to die in the end and not really THAT memorable most of the time. (Especially with most of the AU series'.)

It also showed just how war, no matter how big or small the battles, can affect those around it. Like we saw, Al was just like any other little, naive kid who saw war as fun and games in the beginning, yet even after meeting Bernie and seeing what a nice guy he is, he still had no clue. It's not until being right smack in the middle of the last fight and seeing it first-hand (as well as being personally affected) did he see just how horrible war really is, especially with seeing him being so quiet while all the other kids around him that we saw in the beginning were still going on excitedly about how cool it was.

Also, this was really just a minor, more isolated incident during the very last days of the One Year War, so you really CAN'T make an extended series based off of such a short amount of time anyway. At least not without making it totally obvious that all you're trying to do IS drag it out just to fill up extra episode slots.
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