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Wouldn't a cat cafe be incredibly unsanitary to be able to stay in business? They must have some incredibly diligent employees otherwise.

I actually completely mistook Rika for Kobato for a few moments in that scene. It's incredibly uncanny how much she looked like her, aside from her height and a slightly different outfit. I guess you could do that with a lot of anime characters though since not much variety is put into faces.

Sena's right about one thing, people shouldn't dwell on the past so casting roles shouldn't matter whether Yozora and Kodaka were friends 10 years ago or not, however that doesn't mean one should say things that belittle those past events regardless. Those were times the two of them really cherished after all so that's likely why Yozora got so upset, though I'm not sure she believed why they'd be more important than the present.

I found it amusing how hard Kodaka took it when Maria said he wasn't cool. Sure he's very awkward socially and far from badass material, but the guy's built pretty well and has a handsome face, so that's not 100% true if you ask me.

And why were they showing a French movie in a Japanese theater?

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