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Originally Posted by SinsI View Post
Are you serious? Ataru is just plain unlucky, he's very brave, energetic, not stupid in the least and knows what he wants. Rito, on the other hand, is the wimpiest, stupidiest and dumbest character ever - he's far below the level of nosebleeds, he faints just from imagining a girl in a swimsuit - not even naked!
All in all Rito is an inert mass, an empty space - it takes several years for him to confess!
Ataru is quite the unique main character for me, simply because the lecherous bastard actually wants a harem and actively pursues that dream. (Lum won't have any of that of course.) I'm just not sure if I can classify Urusei Yatsura as a harem romance though.

In contrast, nowadays harem leads tend to be the hapless nice guy archetype that, for some reason or another, all of a sudden becomes lucky enough to end up having one. Well, that's the gist of the scenario at least.
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