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Originally Posted by dantman View Post
I recall otherwise from the explanation given. I only recall it being state that the powers are enhanced by undergoing the brain enhancement programs. ie: The science community finds children with small quirks in them (minor abnormalities or differences from the normal person) and uses enhancement programs to surface and strengthen the person's powers.

Mikoto of course wasn't able to fire a railgun or fry anyone as a child, however she was shown to generate and manipulate quantities of electricity. Similarly Accelerator would have been born with small quirks, MrTerrorist's explanation on his albinoism.
As far as the anime tell us, the "Power Curriculum Program" in the academy city is the project means to separate one from reality and create their owns reality ( as komoe explained in accelerator arc). That mean the child don't need to have a special quality but mostly depend on luck or the method the scientist used on them ( sound like chaos head to me )

Psychic ranking system 've been a question to me since the beginning. If the explanation above are correct then the psychic ranking system determined how powerful one reality can interfere with people reality.
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