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I just watched the episode and I was completely disappointed.
I really had high hopes for this 'finale'. I even said to my friend the other day, "I think this episode will redeem the failure of K-On." I was absolutely wrong, this episode was just lackluster for me. Anyway, here's some of my thoughts of this episode:

I liked:
- Ui disguising as Yui is probably my favorite scene in this.I haven't read this part of the manga so I was really surprised that they look completely the same. It was really funny that Sawa-chan differentiated them because of their breast sizes.

Some of the things I did not like:
- The songs. After reading the last 10 pages of this thread, most of you were expecting the OP or ED song lol but KyoAni gave us another mediocre performance. The first song was just average but they failed me since they recycled Fuwa Fuwa Time as the second song with only the vocals being different. I mean, they could have used Tsubasa wo Kudasai. The song perfectly fits with Yui's flashback since the song was also used during the first episode (only a different version).
- The animation in the performance was really awkward especially Mio and Yui's singing. Yes, I know many people have pointed this out already. I know they are trying to make us feel that they exerted some effort in the animation but I think they went a little overboard.
- Yui's flashback could have been epic if we only saw the character development throughout the series.


Based on the episode preview, I think the next episode will just contain the usual crap... No music, just moe and overused jokes...
Oh damn...
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