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Originally Posted by TMSIDR View Post
Kadokawa wants to sell more BLR DVDs and created a set combined with the wonderful Noizi Ito Haruhi artbook and some random merchandise:

Set of Haruhi Suzumiya items: (1) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Sasa no Ha Rhapsody volume 1 with English subtitles, (2) Painting book "Haruhi Shugi" drawn by Noizi Ito, (3) Haruhi Plate (NFS), (4) folded promotional poster (NFS), (5) Promotional swing POP (NFS)

Haruhi Suzumiya Otanoshimi Box
I think that's just for Neowing/CD Japan since there's not a listing on Amazon for the same thing. Plus, Amazon lowered their price of the BLR DVD down to under 2,000 yen. I think both retailers are just trying to get rid of excess stock.

Edit: Speaking of stock, the latest DVD release sold over a quarter more last week, 3,317 to be precise, to have a two week total of 15,282. Alas, only 250 away from the final loop number. That would've been quite timely. The next DVD numbers will be pretty important in the long run.

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