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Over the MLK Jr weekend, I watched both seasons in their entirety, and like many people felt the first season was better.

I was disappointed that the suspense in Kai was entirely gone. How the series was going to end felt pretty clear by episode 5. Since the ending was so obvious, I felt there was very little emotional investment in the second season. The mystery became so clear, and the solution was so obvious, that in the last 5 or so episodes I found my self getting quite bored.

Nit picking, but I also disliked that there were rather important scenes after the credits. I didn't realize that until episode 20 or so.

At the very end, there were some terrible decisions. Specifically, having Satoshi be alive. I absolutely hated that. It made everything I respected about it vanish the moment they revealed that he was alive and recovering. By telling the viewer only small bits and pieces about him in the first season, but letting you know how much he cared about Satoko, I felt there was a lot of emotional involvement. Sometimes brief flashes of back story and leaving a lot of blanks is a lot more powerful than explaining absolutely everything. You already knew plenty about Satoshi because of Shion's arc in season 1. Having him alive in season 2 was entirely pointless.

Then there was the ending. Oh wow, the ending couldn't have been worse (Okay, maybe it could have...), the kids all setting up traps home alone style was completely ruined the established atmosphere of the series. It felt so light hearted in Season 2 that it felt like an entirely different show from season 1. The kids defeating the Yamainu, who all were trained agents with guns should not have been defeated by them. It probably would have been better if the kids just ran until the other group from Tokyo arrived to arrest the Yamainu, or perhaps Hanyuu could have done something to scare them.

The fact that Shion and Kasai pretended to get knocked out in a gunfight is just stupid. The even stupider thing, is that the Yamainu fell for it. How do you get knocked out in a gunfight without getting it by a bullet? Why were they not suspicious that they were unconscious yet not bleeding? This scene didn't even need to exist! Its part of what ruined the atmosphere.

On top of that, Akasaka taking out all of the Yamainu outside was ridiculous (no matter how much the guy trained in the past 5 years, he couldn't have been able to take on 5 people who are also trained at the same time), plus why didn't they have guns? They were in a remote area in the mountains, on a private estate, and they had silenced guns. There is no reason they couldn't have had their guns drawn. Its things like this that just ruin the mood.

Overall though, I really enjoyed the series, and I was satisfied with the answers in Kai, so I give it an 8/10. Also, I wasn't actually bothered by the animation in either series.

While I enjoyed season 2, I think the first season was much better as it was actually able to maintain its atmosphere.
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