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Originally Posted by Vagrant0 View Post
Hataraki Man was suggested earlier, and been meaning to get to Bartender, but the problem with those kinds of shows is that they're a bit slower paced, so aren't always something you're in the mood for (the reason why I haven't finished mokke yet).
Your criteria didn't rule out slower-paced shows. After I applied your criteria and looked at your scores, these were the ones I had left.

I tried to stick to comedies because you gave them your highest scores. I also avoided dramas with extended plots and suggested shows with more episodic structures like your favorites. All three recommendations have a plot that extends over their dozen or so episodes, but most of the episodes are self-contained.

In contrast, I didn't see the likes of Twelve Kingdoms on your list, or Moribito. It aired on [adult swim], so I didn't mention it. These are both extended dramas with occasional action sequences (more frequent in 12K; better animated in Moribito). Both are heavy on plot and continuity and light on comedy. Saiunkoku Monogatari, on the other hand, might be a better fit. It has a solid plot as well, but also more romance and comedy; at 78 episodes over two seasons it certainly has enough length.

You can browse my signature with your mouse and see what I'd normally recommend. I hadn't read the earlier suggestions in this thread for a while, but I notice that Kleo, Telmah, and I suggested some of the same items. I don't usually recommend Ryoko, but both Kleo and I think it's a good match for you. I'd also endorse Kure-nai.

If you're in the mood for something different, though shorter, watch "Bakeneko" or REC.
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