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Originally Posted by risingstar3110 View Post
The important thing now is whether we will have Haqua arc. Not that much of a big fan, but that should perfectly end S1 and start things up for S2 D:

If Kanon is 3 episodes, and then the cake will be 8, God capture and the library girl (strange the name escaped me) can be within 3 episodes, and Haqua to be 12,13
We'll get a Hakua arc. She was in the "Capture PV", in the order of when she was "captured" (between Kusunoki and Chihiro). The only question is whether they'll juke the order of the arcs to get her into this season, or leave her for S2 in April. With the limited interplay between arcs, moving up or down by an arc or two won't change anything of import.

What's more important to take into account is that there are 5 real capture heroines after Shiori, who, given the OP, is almost certainly the last real capture heroine of this season. And they're pretty much all longer than the ones that came before. Ayumi to Shiori plus Hakua matches up fairly well with those five, but if Hakua's "capture" arc has to share time in 12-13 episodes with those other five, it won't be paced well...
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