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Kirarin Revolution

This is a pure shoujo title that airs at 6 p.m. Saturdays, and is probably aimed at pre- and early-teen girls. But I loved the first episode.

It is the story of Kirari, a very cute 14-year-old who loves to eat. She meets a guy on the street and falls in love. He gives her a ticket to his show. It turns out that he is a member of an idol group. In order to get close to him, she determines to become an idol, too. It's a crazy comedy. She dreams of food, gobbles down stacks of pancakes, and often seems to have drool coming out of her mouth (except when she is being impossibly cute). And she has a little mascot animal that rides around on her head (nobody seems to take much notice) and has the means to defend her from danger. Kirari herself is a nice combination of gluttonous child, bold heroine, and pretty idol.

I enjoyed the shoujo look and character design, with the impossibly large eyes. And I thought the chibi-face moments were used as well as I have ever seen them used.

The voice acting isn't great. The star is an idol from Morning Musume, Kusumi Koharu. She sounds older, but is supposed to be 13. I often defend untrained seiyuu as bringing something special to a role, but in this case I found her voice difficult to hear and either unexpressive or over-expressive. But the character still works really well for me. The animation is quite witty, in my opinion. The star does the OP and ED, neither of which I found anything special, but both of which I enjoyed.

All in all, I enjoyed episode 1 a lot more than I expected. I found it very warm and funny. YMMV. On 2channel, there are mild supporters and strong detractors. And people who just lust after the very idol-like Kirari.

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