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Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
And by my guess its not giving her as much accurate information as she thinks it does.
Well, if you look at Altair's wheel of fortunetelling, there's one avatar for each of the currently active Creations with the exception of herself. Since the Creators themselves aren't on her radar, they seem to be the only ones capable of outsmarting her at this point.

Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
Wonder what ability he will give her - To show her panties even more?
Originally Posted by James Rye View Post
I wonder how that fandisk will fare and what it will be about, if her special power has anything to do with showing her panties each time I will pity that poor girl so much. xD
I'm kind of wondering if she's either going to go all Kekko Kamen at this point or Altair's a secret lesbian and panty-flashing will cause her to die from blood loss via nosebleeds.

Originally Posted by magnuskn View Post
BTW, I find it kinda hilarious that the BEG of Alice world is called "Peeping Eternity".
If you think that's funny, I'm pleased to inform you that Alicetaria's magical gauntlet, while named after a historical knight with a prosthetic metal hand, is actually German slang for "Kiss my ass!"

Originally Posted by zztop View Post
If one releases a fandesign unto the world with a blank slate for backstory, does that mean outside fan derivatives will shape and fill in said blank slate?
I think it would be disasterous if hentai doujinshi started filling in the unexplored gaps in their sex lives. And people thought Hikayu had it bad.

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