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Honestly, I wish they hadn't gone with the obvious route of having Felix be Cannibal Candy. It'd have been better, in my opinion at least, if he confronted Charl as he did (and most of what happened afterward) as him knowing she wasn't Cannibal Candy, and still being willing to frame her for it, without he himself being the culprit. Something along the lines of wanting to pin the blame on someone to try to get the real culprit to stop, thinking they got away with it, or to further his political future or something.

He could still be written out of the show as a result, or he could be redeemed, but it at least would've been a bit less cliche.
Have him just be stupidly corrupt instead of evilly corrupt? "I'll frame you for being Cannibal Candy and have you killed for it, despite the fact that it will be obvious within a day that you weren't Cannibal Candy, because the real one will undoubtedly kill another automoton to steal its core, since he has no reason to stop just because we've blamed someone else for his crimes." Sure, because we need more characters in anime with no brain at all.
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