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Originally Posted by GDB View Post
If framing her now would stop Cannibal Candy from attacking others, why couldn't it stop CC from attacking others if it weren't Felix? The fact that they could walk away, scott free, is a pretty good reason to stop. Clearly they don't NEED to continue doing what they're doing, if he's ready to pin it on someone else already.
CC could walk away scott free at any time just by stopping without needing anyone to be blamed for the murders. The fact that they have no idea who Cannibal Candy is all he needs to avoid getting caught. Quite clearly Cannibal Candy doesn't care about things like that, and isn't concerned about the chance of getting caught, or he wouldn't keep murdering, or the need for the magic circuits he keeps stealing is overwhelming the potential risk.

You're using faulty logic. If it wasn't Felix, then Felix wouldn't know why CC was doing it. Felix would have no insight into whether or not CC would or could play along with his plan. It would be monumentally stupid to set up a trick framing someone else for a series of crimes when you can't control the actual person committing the crimes to ensure that they will or even can stop.
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