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Originally Posted by blitz1/2 View Post
Sigmund is voiced by Jouji Nakata.
True, that. Thanks. I hope you can't hear my swear words from there.

In other news, the official site is offering a free download of a .pmx file of Yaya for use in the animation program MikuMikuDance. If anyone is interested, they can get it on this page. Click the red button in the middle (which says "download" in Japanese). I downloaded both the Yaya file and the program (free English version here), but the program is still a bit beyond me. I can open and see the figure, but don't know how to work with it. There are this site and a wiki for reference.

Personally, I thought the armored/masked blonde figure at the end was indeed Lisette (Noto Mamiko), but I wasn't totally positive.
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