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Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
If Battler was Kinzo's son, he wouldn't be Kinzo's grandson unless his mother is Kinzo's daughter.
Which is why that is probably to be discounted as well. The only possibilities remaining for Battler then are being born from Rudolf+Kyrie or Krauss+Kyrie, but nobody else. (He could be born from Krauss+Natsuhi, but then Ange is not his sister in red.) So Kyrie being Battler's mother is to be considered proven even if episodes past 4 are ignored, and definitely proven if we have the first 5.

Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
That apart you missed to consider the possibility that Kinzo has a secret child (which was mentioned in the story), that child could work as Battler's mother as well. Not like I believe this is the case, but... for completeness sake...
There is a very, very slim possibility that Battler is the child of Beatrice-2, because Beatrice-2 is the only listed character who could conceivably be Kinzo's child and fit other restrictions. This only works if Beatrice-2 did not actually die when Rosa saw her die, and survived for at least a year since that date, and if Rudolf was his father anyway (Ange being his sister, again).

That time window exists, but it would not be very relevant unless Kinzo declared that only Beatrice-2 and her descendants are to receive any inheritance -- if Beatrice-2 was treated like everyone else, she is only higher on the inheritance ladder than Rosa, as Krauss and Eva were born earlier.
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