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Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
Unfortunately that other guy seems to exist in red. It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that Ushiromiya Battler was born and This Battler definitely was not. Until we find an effective way to deny him, he'll be poisoning the formal context forever.
But this is contradictory. Beato is able to say that it was from Ushiromiya Asumu that Ushiromiya Battler was born, but Battler, when repeating the exact same line, cannot.
Well, going along with the Battler Double Theory, how about this? Kinzo, aware that Rudolf had impregnated and married Asumu, decided on Battler's name before his birth. However, he was unaware of the second preganancy with Kyrie. At the time of the birthing, Battler was born from Asumu, but the child was weak and died shortly after birth. For Reason B, Rudolf then replaced Asumu's child with Kyrie's, telling Kyrie that her child had suffered a miscarriage, and named her child, now in Asumu's care, Battler.
This way, there were two Ushiromiya Battler to come into the world, however, only one at the time of the gameboard.
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