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Kinzo, aware that Rudolf had impregnated and married Asumu, decided on Battler's name before his birth. However, he was unaware of the second preganancy with Kyrie. At the time of the birthing, Battler was born from Asumu, but the child was weak and died shortly after birth. For Reason B, Rudolf then replaced Asumu's child with Kyrie's, telling Kyrie that her child had suffered a miscarriage, and named her child, now in Asumu's care, Battler.
This way, there were two Ushiromiya Battler to come into the world, however, only one at the time of the gameboard.
Oh, I like this. Very practical.

As... interesting as it would be for the Other Battler to be, say, Jessica, or the Child From 19 Years Ago, I kind of feel like neither of those are actually true

And I definitely don't want to envision some kind of Kyrie + Krauss Sumadera conspiracy theory... it just doesn't seem in line with what we know about Kyrie. Yeah, she's capable of being jealous to the point of preparing herself to kill her rival, but I doubt she'd get involved with her Object of Affection's brother either for revenge or family reasons (she doesn't seem to think much of her obligation to them, if Kasumi is anything to go by...)
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