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Thanks for the reminder, I forgot that the normal 'vanishing act' has been the regular M.Shisui.

Yeah. Nurarihyon used the regular MS in the Muchi fight, which fits all the normal approach of the regular technique. Erases the presence entirely, without leaving any after-image.

As for the possibility of Nurarihyon having Matoi, unless Gyuuki was just speaking generally about the strength of hyakki to the leader, chapter 98 showed Nurarihyon's clique during the acknowledgement of the second capability ( Matoi ), which seems to imply that Nurarihyon could do it too. There is a possibility that it's simply matter of individual character, since Nurarihyon is a very whimsical person who loves wandering off on his own most of the time. On the other hand, Rihan ( so far, not many flashbacks to him atm ) seems to travel with his group together more and isn't as much of a one-man action.

Of course, there's no proof for either yet, but admittedly, none of both techniques thus far has explicitly made a mention to the need of the human blood within Rihan or Rikuo.
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