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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
Damn I'm looking forward to this. Too bad it's a year away . Might do another run through ME2 to make sure I've got a good group of Shepards ready for whatever consequences my decisions have had. Glad I kept the Queen alive since I'm sure the Rachni will be helpful during this. Lot of things to wonder about like the crew. They better mostly make returns since we spent almost all of ME2 gathering them up. Will be one heck of a struggle against the Reapers considering how tough they are.
I just realized not killing off the Queen could be a bad thing what if the Reapers sours the song of their mother and causes the children to go crazy again devouring worlds, Rachni have been shown to be quite influenced by indoctrination and their kind is easily frenzied. Which makes me think Bioware could pull up a twist where saving the Rachni was a bad thing.

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