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Originally Posted by frubam View Post
Huh!? In what chapter do they show her moaning? Certainly not chp 66.
This was in the taunt by JERKFACE at Yuki. Apparently, the tlfor imangascans translated it differently from how I translated it.

Originally Posted by Xaturas View Post
In 1 panel she says to him that they are only junior students and question their relationship with the "did you ask me to go out with you only for that".
Then he just goes the ".. i love you ..."
next panel (forgetting the scenery panels) she already spread her legs.
Makes me giggle at how stupid she is, but hey its me being my cold self who analyze any situation with a common sense and brain.
To give Yuki some credit, she has been resisting him for sometime already. It is obvious from the dialogue that this is not the first time Tooru raised this issue. In any case, she does love Tooru, even if she didn't really want the sex, she wants to make Tooru happy.
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