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Originally Posted by paradox13 View Post
I never disputed the fact that she wanted to do it.

Wanting to have sex with the person you love isn't a sin.

Takin gadvantage of a person you say you love on the other hand...well you tell me whether or not you think thats immoral.
Who knows if touru was only after the money and her pants, then its not immoral, that just business, it was her fault that she got burned.
However if touru was framed/blamed and is innocent (more than 50% atm based on how mangas usually work out) then I say he is even more retarded than common shounen lead (and common shounen leads are already in a retard class of its own).
Anyway to end this talk, I don't give a ... about what her motives and her moral standards/inteligence were. Don't even care if she's virgin or not, its normal these days for girls do to it <15y old. I'm more interested in utsumi and other girls and how will they make this relationship drama goes on, as this past story will fix itself out. Imo utsumi should just hug this drama queen and maybe say one or two bittersweet words and it would be fixed, but no he chickened out.
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