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I agree, but as I stated in an earlier post, I think it will be the other way around. I think Touru will show up VERY soon, once it's been established that Utsumi can't figure out how to face Yuki, then there will be a drawn out face-off between both guys for Yuki's affections as she tries to sort out her feelings. I believe she'll go back to Touru first and then need to be swayed back to Utsumi.
I'm willing to bet a heafty sum that Touru knew about the bet and proceeded. Here is my reasoning:

A. If he is totally innocent it devalues everything Yuki went through and the level of rage that would be generated would be unprecidented.

B. If he was innocent, he would have gone to look for yuki when he found out. NOTHING would have stopped him, he would have screamed blue bloody murder even if everyone else tried to keep him away from her if he really did love her.

C. Noone is stupid enough to take advice from friends as to precisely when and where to go do their girlfriend because it's highly obvious that they are going to come and watch.

D. How the hell would the guys KNOW the exact time he would be there. It's nearly impossible. There are faaaaar too many coincidences that would be required for Touru to be innocent. Sure if this was KNIM I would say yeah, it is possible. But this is GE, and it's unlikely.

This being said, I don't think it was his plan for it to be videoed. But the fact that he never came looking for Yuki speaks volumes. If he was innocent he would be trying to clear his names at ALL costs.
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