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Originally Posted by frubam View Post
I don't know exactly 'how' you translated it(or how n0 saw it tl'ed)but it would be natural to moan if it was your first time. Unless they said "Heh, you were really moaning in PLEASURE weren't you?", I don't think it can constitute as her as enjoying or getting into it.

A. If he is guilty, then there wouldn't be much of a confrontation with Utsumi. He would simply be the bastard that betrayed Yuki and he would have no chance with her. The story would end with Utsumi opening up Yuki's heart or whatever. It's hard to believe Tooru's situation would be that disadvantageous if he's to become a difficult future obstacle for Utsumi.

C/D. These guys are still in junior high. If these guys really were his "friends"(or if Tooru thought they were his "friends"), you would never expect them to set up a camera and record you. This is especially true with younger people, who are easier to peer-pressure/convince and whose notion of "friendship" is rather simple in comparison to how, say, an adult in his/her mid/late 20s. So if your "friends" say "You know, on Wed at 6pm, classroom X is empty because clubs don't practice. You could do whatever you want in there, heh.", the last thing you would think would be that you are being set up or recorded with some secret camera(assuming it WAS a secret and someone wasn't following them and recorded it somehow). Maybe if you were some shy introvert, you'd be skeptical, but not if you are a more outgoing person with many friends, like Tooru is presented to be.
I agree We would never have seen that scene with Touru desperately looking for Yuki if we weren't being set up for a "Yuki I'm sorry, I was set up!" Situation later on. I've been waiting for this other shoe to drop for quite awhile. Touru has been made out to be the ultimate evil from every angle except one. We know he's looking for Yuki for some reason...
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