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Question Why do some fansub groups make it harder for us to get the eps?

I don't want to mention any names so this is placed in the form of a general question: why do some fansub groups make it that much harder for fans to get a hold of their episodes?

For instance, when you enter their irc channel and you are told to refer to a forum thread for xdcc bot lists but you can't even register to join the forum. Doesn't that seem a little extreme? Isn't the purpose of a fansub group to distribute the episodes they are subbing? Why force fans to subscribe to a forum? In any case, the subscription process doesn't work. (I put in a valid email address and never received a validation, confirmation or rejection notice.)

Yes I know I can simply choose to watch a different group's eps and that is what I am doing. But I do want to understand why some groups feel compelled to make the rest of us jump through hoops, like so many silly monkeys, just to get a hold of something they had meant to be distributed anyway. It puzzles me.
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