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Originally Posted by Kid
I don't want to mention any names so this is placed in the form of a general question: why do some fansub groups make it that much harder for fans to get a hold of their episodes?

For instance, when you enter their irc channel and you are told to refer to a forum thread for xdcc bot lists but you can't even register to join the forum. Doesn't that seem a little extreme? Isn't the purpose of a fansub group to distribute the episodes they are subbing? Why force fans to subscribe to a forum? In any case, the subscription process doesn't work. (I put in a valid email address and never received a validation, confirmation or rejection notice.)
In this case, this is just stupid penis envy by wanting big numbers.... And nothing says they have to properly distribute it. There is more than just Xdcc bots. And yea, that one..they flood their own server.... so it screws up registering people (registered but no confirm email).
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