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For the DS, you have to buy the special cart, which costs a hefty sum (last time I checked, ~150 bucks) PLUS you have to buy the memstick for it. Not to mention the trouble of actually finding someone that sells it... it being illegal and all, it actually takes some work to find it.

For the PSP, you already have a memstick anyways, since its required to save games. There's no 'added expenditure' for it. This in turn means that the availability is much higher than the DS, as someone could just go to the net to CFW up their PSP. And within 15 minutes to an hour (depending on how tech savvy the person is), they have CFW already.

And really, its not the amount of pirating that goes on with the system that matters, but the percentage of those console owners who actually pirates their games for the system. Popular systems with popular games will always get pirated more than the unpopular ones, after all.

For example, say system A has a 10 mil worldwide user base, and around 2 mil pirates their games. Now system B has a 2 mil worlwide user base, but 1.5 mil pirates their games. Who do you think is better off?

While the numbers aren't that extreme, the DS falls more to the former category while the PSP (like the dreamcast) falls to the latter. Well, that's the general trend in my area anyways.
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