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I don't think you understand the trouble needed to instal a CW on the PSP.

for DS you just need to "buy" something that is easily available on the net. That's it. once you have that thing you don't need to do anything else.

for PSP if you don't have a friend with an already modded PSP good luck to you, it took me a week of study before i could figure it out how to do it. and i had to buy a pandora battery, so it's not as free as you may think. Finding the right files and guides to format your mem stick is no easy thing, and after that you need to upgrade the firmware to the latest version.

Now to clarify things i said easier. The cost is really not that relevant, considering that who plans to get free games is planning to spend less money in the long term.

And really, its not the amount of pirating that goes on with the system that matters, but the percentage of those console owners who actually pirates their games for the system.
You need to explain to me by what logic you think that different systems may have a consistently different percentage of users eager to get ripped games (given the same opportunities). Unless proven otherwise i think we should assume that the people prone to get ripped games are equally distributed between the various console systems.

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