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Trouble? Installers and downgraders are available with step by step procedures. Esepecially if you compare CFW of two years back to now, its SSSSOOOOO much easier. The effeciency of it actually scares me.
It is easier now but the informations are not so easily accessible, i had problem myself and i know many others had similar experiences, i personally helped a guy on a forum who was totally helpless. So before getting to the useful guide there's a chance you'll stumble upon at least a dozen of old ones.

Did you know that you can make your own pandora battery even without a v1.5 firmware or CFW, all done with the tools in your own home? I never thoguht it was possible either, until a friend of mine said he didn't buy his battery and I knew he already upgraded his to the latest firmware. XD
Yeah sure you just need to break your battery cover and then modify an intenal chip. very easy... not to mention i read that a few people caused the battery to explode.

But your typical pirater is the average high school/college student (at least in NA). They already spent a lot of money on the system... every dollar counts to them. And if they can do something on their free time rather than spend even more money, they'd do so.

Really, you're underestimating the value of cost to the pirater, since its these people whose line of thinking is NOT lowering costs over the long run, but whose line of thinking is more towards getting things as free as possible at every opportunity.

As such, I really don't agree with the notion that the DS has a higher piracy rate than the PSP. At least it isn't the case in my area, and I pretty much listed the reasons why. And judging by how it looks like in China, I don't think my area is an isolated case.
I never said it's higher in percentage but i do think is higher in actual number simply because in the world there are like 2 DS for any PSP . You should also consider the fact that there are already working emulator for DS and there are ton of sites with full romsets. as for the cost the most popular card is around 70 bucks which is roughly the equivalent of two games. I don't really think this is a huge deterrent.... seriously i would like to know the guy who'd rather buy original games for the sole reason he doesn't have enough money to buy the storage card.

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