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Originally Posted by Cyberdramon
I've also found recently it's very hard to get people to want to serve... It seems everyone uses Bit Torrent, so an episode is easy to find for maybe a day or three and then BOOM it's gone. There are lot of cool shows that aren't "super popular" that groups are putting out and it's harder and harder to get them because people just use Bit Torrent and fewer and fewer people are serving in the channels.
Yes, that's very sad. I wish everyone would share.

Originally Posted by Cyberdramon
Personally I don't know how to get XDCC Bots or anything like that... I only know to ask for "non-rooted" bots if someone ever offers... *sigh* There are leechers who think we're making it hard on them on purpose, but we're not ^^;
*sigh*, atleast you're ethical. I'd rather get a slow dl from a good group that a quick dl from a crap ass naruto subber.

The problem with fservs is that they're either incredibly slow, or their queues are always full. That seriously annoys us. We should all think that the purpose of fansubbers is not to distribute but to sub.
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