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Hm? It appears the official site updated with the cast... let's see, who do we have here..

copy-pasta from ANN:

Hei by Hidenobu KIUCHI

Huang by Masaru IKEDA

Yin by Misato FUKUEN

Mao by Ikuya SAWAKI

Kunio Matsumoto by Nobuaki FUKUDA

Mayu Ootsuka by Yuuna INAMURA

Misaki Kirihara by Nana MIZUKI

Misuzu Ooyama by Chika SAKAMOTO

Yoshimitsu Horai by Michihiro IKEMIZU

Yutaka Kouno by Kousuke TORIUMI

Yuusuke Saitou by Tomoyuki SHIMURA

Kiuchi!... I still can't shake off the image of Tenma and Toshihiko when someone mentions his name, and Tenma and Toshihiko totally do not go with the image of Hei I have. (...Especially Toshihiko and his bowel problems.) Well, whatever it is here's hoping it works out fine.

And ahahahaha Torikou as Yutaka! I am not surprised they picked someone with a solid fan following (well, sort of) for a character like that.
In case anyone needs their memory refreshed, this and this is what we know of the characters so far. Was this show featured in March Newtype? Anyone here who's read it?

Who's Kunio Matsumoto, Mayu Ootsuka, Misuzu Ooyama and Yoshimitsu Horai... I suppose one of them is le C.C.-ripoffe? I'm not in the mood to go dig out information from elsewhere right now..
Thanks for the fish
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