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Originally Posted by Arkeus View Post
it's a interesting view, but i see AMF as much more powerful. We know AMF can counteract a normal shooter in a split second. if the drain is constant, and it searched in the craddle for 10 min (*very* conservative estimate) then it will have the time to maybe erodes 1000 shooters.

There is a limit of how much nanoha can pack into her W.A.S i believe.

Edit: Of course, there is a possibility that it can dissolve a shooter by catostophical failure (i mean it attacks a point hat dissolves everything else), in which case it might be quite a bit slower.
A shooter yes I agree. It does dissolve quickly. However, a shooter with a shield around it last way longer than a split second so I believe that a scout round with a shield can last quite a while but in the end how long depends on how much Nanoha can cramp into her W.A.S. This is the point where it gets extremely subjective since there are too many unknown factors at work... although some might disagree and just say Nanoha just doesn't have enough power without evidence as to why.
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