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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Yes, there was.

ナックルダスター Knuckle-duster
(StS DVD1)
An impact attack using Revolver Knuckle. Boosts Mana via rotation of the spinner, strengthening the upper body and fists. Destroys the target with a direct attack.
As with this attack, close combat Belkan practitioners are able to fight in a manner that does not rely on mana linkage, in general making it easier for them to deal with Anti Magilink-Fields.

... which, unfortunately, doesn't solve the problem tshouryuu pointed out.

However, tshouryuu's theory also has a problem, as the dialog in episode 25 support the rounds systematically searching the entire ship, not simply running out and pinging.
I could simply say that the energy packets with the scouts are very, very densely packed such that they didn't run out before finding Quottro, since if going by the current theory, Nanoha does have that much mana to spare. The only difference is whether Nanoha provides energy constantly or provides it before sending it off.

However, my theory's main problems are figuring out
  1. How much Mana can Nanoha pack into the "battery"
  2. Is the skill need to cast a spell that can auto draw pre linked mana within Nanoha's grasp
  3. And are either of the above even possible in the first place...

Unfortunately I think the answer to all three is "No idea whatsoever/ Your guess is as good as mine/Only 7 Arcs can answer that/...."

Edit: Come to think of it, ^ sort of answers just about everything on this thread.

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