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Yeah the guy needs some closure, I'm getting sick of the fact that literally everyone else is in a happy relationship of some sort, or complacent with how their lives are going, but the poor guy continues to be dangled about with this plot point for some reason. This chapter was going too far, EVERYONE ELSE literally knows but he doesn't know that everyone else knows.

Let him off the hook already, seriously.
Being in an active sexual relationship isn't an absolute necessity to be complacent with one's life. Not sure if that's what you're implying or not, but it's silly to think that Madarame NEEDS to score a chick himself in order to be a "happy" character like the rest or whatever.

Not to mention it's getting a little harder to suspend disbelief with all of these supermodel level girls falling for average looking nerds. It could be overlooked in the first series, but now Angela and Madarame was completely out of nowhere and really hard to take seriously.

And no matter the outcome, there's no way I'll ever take this unnecessary sequel into consideration when judging the series and characters of Genshiken, that have now been relegated to retarded HERP DERP YAOI jokes. Yes, we get it, and still don't care.
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