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Lately been seriously contemplating about (finally) starting DI. Oh boy, I'm expecting several sleepless nights considering the supposed length (which is something I'll soon be able to afford, thus the contemplation). Can anyone give me a brief explanation on the different incarnations of the games and a recommendation on where I should start?

Also, what's the connection between DI and the rest of the title in the thread's title?
Like what others recommended, play Amantes Amentes. It is the most complete one (this include side stories from Drama CD included too along with added sprite so it's actually a VN now instead of just a sound).

Route order should be :
Kasumi --> Kei --> Marie ---> Rea

-Marie's is unlocked after finishing both Kasumi and Kei
-Rea's unlocked after finishing Marie's route
-Essentially, it boils down whether you play Kasumi or Kei first, I know Kasumi's route is quite...boring(for a lack of better word). But it's pretty useful if you start out from beginning to know some of characters motivation and background (especially Valeria). I got confused a bit long time ago when I played DI for the 1st time because I touched Kei's route first.

As of other games,

Paradise Lost is set before the world of Dies, however it's almost not mentioned at all anyway so you can play that any time if you want (I'd recommend skipping it for now).

Kajiri Kamui Kagura / KKK, is set as continuation of Marie's After Story. It's a what-if story, so you can treat it as a path split. However I recommend you to finish Dies first (including Rea's route) because it will give you more info and background for later in KKK.

Another optional thing is probably the Three Colors Route, this is a new route added into Amantes Amentes and a split from Rea's route just before the final battle. There is only a slight differences, however, there are some references from KKK thrown in here because the route is written after KKK (Amantes Amentes was released after KKK). I don't think it's a big deal whether you play it before or after KKK, but I suggest you finish Rea's route first before touching this one.

Oh and if you ever gonna play KKK, there is a CS version out there released for Vita and PC port coming out in late June. I recommend you waiting a little bit before playing KKK since that one has more content and more complete ending.
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