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Originally Posted by shiroitenshi83 View Post
I thought "Ring" referred to Konata's new phone (which leads to her new ringtone).

I was intrigued by the melon soda which Tsukasa had ordered in the cafe.
Basically it looks something like this:
Click me
No idea what it tastes like though. Should be sweet stuff.
It tastes as it sounds. Has a hint of melon-flavor, but it's basically green ramune. XD

You can find bottles like this at Asian markets usually. Maybe it'll be in creamy-style, like this one? [which tastes like Cream Soda.] But the kind of bottle usually stays consistent. By the way, a drink in Japan called "Cream Soda" has a scoop of ice cream floating atop a glass of melon soda usually.

To be on topic in some way, during the "Can I take a picture of you?" scene, it looks like there's a sign that says "Fooly!" on it.. perhaps the next word that was blocked out was "Cooly?"

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