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Yeah, a lot of people are guessing that Akainu will have some sort of lava/magma-based power. Now, I wouldn't have minded this idea if we didn't already have a heat-based power with Ace.

I'm actually kinda hoping that Akainu will have something more unique, like say, a blood fruit. He could use the blood in his body to form weapons and various tools (since after all, blood does contain iron. ) I'd guess that a blood fruit would give the user something like an extra heart (possibly more) to prevent the user from dying due to excessive blood loss....

And yeah, there's a chapter this week. The spoiler should appear by tomorrow, or at least later today....
if akainu would be blood, he will be the most powerful since he can manipulate one's blood. in an instant the enemy would die. im doubtful about that one though hehehe
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