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Originally Posted by Brin A'sair View Post
It is not so much illogical to have her killed as it is rushed. I can see it happening if it took, say a fully two or three volumes to develop to that point, but to have it happen only one volume after they are reunited (less than one, if more than a chapter or two is a flashback or otherwise a review of the end of the prior blade dance) is just too soon. That said, it could be that the editors pushed this, either due to feeling that Restia was taking too much of the lime light or due to wanting to bring her dramatic end sooner for the shock value.
doubt it, unlike manga, editors in Ln generally try their best not to interfere with the story and as long as it continue to be popular, they don't really care and with character wise, sorry to claire fan but in both fanbase and popularity contest Est and Restia outclass her from the very start, so whether Est and Restia continue to take limelight is mostly on author rather than editor, as i mentioned above, this is possibly trying to get the others girl on the same level with Restia, but i doubt that would happened because it seem like the author have experienced with romance novel so i think we won't see this crap. Don't blame the editors for this though.
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