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Aria/Rondo/Concerto is reconning the whole when they meet. Murder would probably be recon later on when the Author finish Progress. As for the Black Cats Guild, the whole Guild was dead, no one besides Kirito knew the details of what happen to it.
The problem I guess is whether the anime will Ret-con, or do a blind adaptation and therefore resulting in out of place dialogue, and even strange story arcs (if Kirito did knew Asuna well during the events of RNR... ). Adapting SAO has got to be very challenging, because of all those problems with Chronology. Then again, if the author has already completed a full Ret-conning for the SAO Aincrad rewrite, then as quite alot have said, the anime will be a preview of sorts.

Anyway, the date of Asuna meeting Kirito it seems has been revised downwards steadily. From October 2024 (implied in the first volume) to April 2024, then even further back to the end of 2022.
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